Our Purpose

mercator.tv is a sustainable film production company, focused on telling purposeful and beautiful stories in the most ethical and environmental friendly way we possibly can.


Shifting the

Just as the Flemish Cartographer Gerardus Mercator - who pioneered with a new way of projecting the world onto a canvas - we too have shifted our perspective in the content that we make for the digital canvas of today.


Not only is it the sole origin of our true passion, culture brings people together, enhances our quality of life and has the astonishing power of creating a story for the world we live in. We are co-writing the story of that world, together with artists and performers alike.


The planet will forever be the most beatiful filmset ever built. Because we’re looking forward to many more years of filming in the Holocene, we focus on working together with projects and organizations that are actively involved in contributing towards a green transition.


No sustainable world without thriving communities. No thriving communities without individuals living life towards their full potential. Only when all plants get the light & water they need, the garden will be healthy. We focus on telling human stories: small in context, big in heart.

The bigger

Mercator.tv was founded on a plane 10.000 meters above the African continent. On the way back of our biggest and most profound film adventure to date, we stood still and for the first time, questioned our ways of working.

Both coming from different backgrounds within the Belgian film industry, we connected through a shared drive and search for meaning. Above all, we desired a sense of purpose while losing ourselves in doing what we love the most.

Looking forward

The ultimate dream was born: to build a social responsible company without compromising our urge for adventure and creative expression.

Many books, long talks, trials and (a lot) of errors later, we honestly believe that a passion for the craft and a love for people and planet can go hand in hand. We are aware that there is still a lot to learn, and that the challenges ahead are grand. We don’t know all the answers, and we never will. The least we can do is try!

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