Electric City


Electric City


Web Series
35 minutes

Embark on an adventure to the smiling coast of Africa. Discover the small village of Kunting, the warm people inhabiting it, and the challenges they face on the road to a brighter future.

A Call from The South

Episode 1

In this first episode, Simon, Lise and Emiel have to make an important phone call. On the other side of the line is a man from Gambia. Someone they have never met before, but whom they will work with more intensively than they ever have.


Episode 2

Kunting is a farming village. A hidden gem located deep in the Gambian mainland. Its inhabitants are a proud but poor people. While most of them will never leave the village, some risk everything in search of a better life.


Episode 3

The three students are greeted by a culture that is completely unknown to them. The oppressive heat forces them to adapt to the local lifestyle. They learn to live with what little the villagers have to survive on.


Episode 4

Meet Sariba: mother of seven and head of the Women’s Council. She lives in fear, because there hasn’t been any rain this year and her crops are dying. The women of Kunting put their heads together and discuss their future.

We’re Fine

Episode 5

As they install the last light, the students realize that their stay will soon be over. Together they have changed the future of the entire village. At last it’s time to say goodbye to their new home.


Episode 6

Night falls over Kunting. While some children are playing under a newly installed light, a thirteen year old boy named Ebrahima is studying the English language. He dreams of being educated so he can take care of his family and friends.

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