Chose Qui Bouge


Chose Qui Bouge


Showcase Festival // Commissioned

Chose Qui Bouge is a Belgian digital Showcase Festival organised by Volta, that brings musicians on the verge of breakthrough, into an intimate and exclusive setting.


Robbing Millions


Chibi Ichigo

Two Times Nothing

Directed by Jaan Stevens
Director of Photography Angela Otten
Artistic Direction by Arne Huysmans
Executive Producer - Bastiaan Lochs & Wouter Denayer
Production Company -
Camera Operator - Ilona Vanouplines & Jonathan Van Hemelrijck
Camera Assistant - Arne Fivez & Nathaniel Van Ouytsel
Lighting Design and Engineer - Yann Windey Audio Mix and Master - Wouter Van Asselbergh
Audio Engineer - Yoran Cambier
Audio Assistant - Thomas Coene
Editor - Jonas Verstraeten
Color Grading - Angela Otten & Jaan Stevens

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